Instructions for stylish wet shaving

  1. Soak the beard hair (best to shave after a shower)
  2. Foam, necessarily with badger hairbrush and a good soap / cream
  3. Leave foam for 3 minutes
  4. Shaving with the stroke (meaning the direction of growth of the hair)
  5. Foam again with the residual foam
  6. Shave against the grain
  7. Remove any foam residue with cold water
  8. Dab dry with clean shaving cloth
  9. Apply aftershave or afterbalm
  10. Enjoy the perfect shave and the well-groomed look
  11. Download here the detailed instructions as PDF(in german)!

    If you prefer to learn the whole thing under personal guidance, we recommend our shaving course.

    Watch this video to learn how to pull off the razor for perfect sharpness: